Sunday, November 15, 2015


Larissa has been having headaches. I am not sure what is causing them but I decided that I would get her an eye exam just to rule out any eye issues. I told Larissa that I was going to make her an appointment and Michelle mentions that she failed the eye exam at school.  Oh, and she has a paper for me.  I have her get it for me and sure enough she failed the eye exam at school....last month. Not only that but they wanted the form brought back after she had an eye exam.  Some days I think my kids just want me to look bad! Just kidding....kind of.

They had 11:15 appointments and my babysitter was stuck at her doctors so he got to go along.  The girls didn't get seen until noon.  Then they both needed glasses which meant we were there for a very long time.  A little too long for Benjamin.  Lets just say that it would be nice to see us in a timely manner otherwise your window display may be a little skewed and your windows will show quite a few finger prints and maybe even some kiss marks.

The girls picked out their own glasses (I had veto power if they obviously were not the right size). Turns out Larissa got the exact same pair as Sarah!

Emma tried to help contain Benjamin. She looks so small when she carries him.

Larissa's pick.

Michelle's pick.

That evening Michelle had a chorus concert. She is in this group.  The concert went very well and I had a break as John kept Benjamin home.  He really wouldn't have done well at this type of event.

I spent the rest of my evening refinishing a dresser for the shower on Sunday. My days are too long and yet too short. I feel as though I am always behind in something and my house is full of half finished projects. However, I always have plans for more projects. I am so thankful for a husband who just sighs when he sees what trouble I am up to.  He doesn't even ask too many questions any more.

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