Monday, November 16, 2015

Renaissance Festival 2015

It was a challenge getting to the Renaissance Festival this year because of the weather. One day they closed because of the rain. We didn't want to go on a muddy, drizzly day but we finally made it on Saturday. The weather was great.  It was even warmer than what was predicted.

However, we were a much smaller crowd this year.  Friday night a friend of mine asked me if I was taking Michelle and Anthony (their behavior has been awful). I said that I didn't have much choice, it was either go with everyone or everyone would miss out because of their behaviors. She said that she was free and for me to drop them off at her house on the way through.  She had some yard work for them to do. Then Tasha's husband got a call to work and Jason came down with a migraine.

We went later than usual and it was the first sunny day in a long time so there were huge crowds. Next time we will be there when they open!

I didn't take as many pictures this year.  I was trying to keep track of kids in the crowd!

Larissa and Emma did the bungee jumping activity.  Larissa has gotten very good at doing flips. Emma isn't there yet but is more confident.

One day I suspect Benjamin and Vaida will enjoy bungee jumping. They enjoyed watching it.

Vaida is not a fan of the stroller, she is a girl on the move.

We found a corner by the Pirate show we always watch for the little ones to play.

Sarah and Larissa ventured out for food.  They came back with some delicious turkey legs.

Of course, we enjoyed looking at everyone and their costumes.  Wish I had been able to get a picture of the centaur, he was too close and the crowd too thick. Once again we say we are going to work on different costumes for next year but we always seem to wait too long to do much of anything. My objective is to get my husband to wear something. He nixed the kilt idea we saw.

Anyone have a Renaissance Festival close to them? They are great fun.


  1. We have a huge one in February. But we have yet to go. It's on a permanent spot and our old neighbors were very actively involved in it. They built a castle complete with drawbridge as their house (well we're building)

  2. We've never been to one. I am guessing River will be like vaida in wanting to be on the go.