Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Adoption Complete

Mid-morning I received a phone call from the GAL.  He was finishing his report and needed some information. Shortly after that his adoption worker called asking for directions to the curthouse. The adoptions unit is in Columbia but we live out of Columbia, the adoption was in our county. Then as we were loading up his foster care worker showed up at our house to see when the adoption was taking place. I think that some people actually procrastinate worse than me!  Hard to believe.

We had to be at the courthouse by noon. Benjamin showed me his preference in courthouse attire.


Getting to the courthouse on time doesn't mean that you will be seen on time.  We had a bit of a wait in the holding area while we waited for the case before us to finish.

Last walk with his social worker. I talked with his worker for a while.  I told her that we have decided to take no more placements, even if his sibling comes into care. Our children are our responsibility but I am fully aware that things happen.  If we are unable to parent our children Tasha is to take the children. Putting another baby into her care would not be fair to her. We thought that Benjamin was short term and by time we realized he wasn't, he had already become one of ours.  I know that if we accepted another baby for foster, the same would happen.  However, we are full.  We are done.  Wow, that is actually so hard to say and do knowing the need.

The kids huddled and played games.

The men huddled and I heard some political talk.

Vaida got some Mimi lap time.

It didn't take long to do the legal proceeding. We had this same judge for Kassi, Anthony and Larissa. We used the same lawyer for all of our foster adoptions.

Our son Benjamin Ross

Gift from the GAL

Long day for little boys, he fell asleep on my lap and got carried to bed by his dad. He does not understand the importance of this day which is fine.  He is home, he is ours.


  1. Congratulations! What a special day!

  2. I'm totally bawling reading this post. I think of all the waiting for another adoptive placement, the expectation of an older child, the day you said yes to his short-term placement, your frustration with his birthmother's lack of involvement, your questions about what would happen, your growing attachment to him and his attachment to you, your worry that he'd have to go back and wouldn't understand, the possibility of another family being selected for him, the anxious waiting through the TPR process, the day you were selected as his family, and now this. Done! Finished! Forever! What a precious gift Benjamin is to your family. Congratulations to all of you! Yup, tears.

  3. Congrats to your wonderful famiy!! Many blessings !

  4. Congratulations to you and your family! Truly wonderful!

  5. Congratulations!!!! Sad you are done!! Happy that you know for sure!! So excited he is yours forever!!!