Saturday, November 7, 2015


In spite of telling DSS that we were closing our home the licensing worker insisted that she come today and do a quarterly visit. My husband told her not to bother but she insisted. She showed up at a rare nap time today and I gave her a formal written notice that we were closing our home. She had paperwork with Benjamin's old name and I insisted that she change it.  She also wanted to see him even though he was sleeping.  I didn't understand the need.  He is no longer a foster child. Something seemed wrong with that.  We had never had such visits after our other adoptions.  They always treated the kids as ours following the court hearing. Someone mentioned that perhaps she was supposed to do a visit before the adoption. I am not sure.  I do know that when she wanted to check the smoke detectors I told her no.  They are all interconnected.  Test one and you hear them all throughout the house.  The baby was sleeping. She tried to insist.  I reminded her that we were closed and didn't need her testing anything.  After about 5 minutes she left. I hope that they don't try to come again.

We are closed. I am still trying to get used to that fact. We have been fostering for 12 years. It actually becomes a way of life; new kids, new adjustments, kids leaving (or getting adopted). As the primary caregiver it kind of leaves me feeling lost and a little sad.  However, my very active boy keeps me on my toes and active.

In the morning our lawyer called and had us go in and sign some adoption paperwork.  Hopefully we will have a new birth certificate in hand soon.  Kassi's took months because she was born out of state but the other birth certificates came within a month.

Then I received a call from Medicaid....for Benjamin's birth mom.  I do not know how they have our phone number connected with her.  She has never lived here or used our number.  We still receive mail for her as well.  We call and complain and they promise to remove us but we continue to get her mail.  Frustrating.

Then I received a phone call from the middle school.  It was this call that made me realize that I needed to continue blogging.  Even though the fostering/adoptions are completed. the kids don't suddenly heal from their experiences in their biological homes and foster care experiences. So, next post....Anthony.


  1. Yay for boundaries! Seriously!

    Glad you are still blogging!

  2. Just popping in to tell you we got word that our official placement date is "Thanksgiving week." So that's vague. We are hoping that means we can pick her up after school lets out next Friday since I see no reason for her to stay one more weekend at that group home. So you're closing out just as our journey is beginning. Blessings!