Wednesday, November 11, 2015


As I was catching this little one trying to escape out the cat door once again I realized that most of my day is trying to keep this little one safe! He is by far my most active little one.  Those little safety devices you put on door knobs, he puts his fingers in the little opening and pulls them apart.  Need a safety cap opened on your medications?  Ask him to do it. Open door, climb cabinets, walk down stairs without using a rail, answer the phone, makes phone calls, tear apart childproofing devices...he does it all.

He wears me out!

This time last year...

However, as I look back at some of his old pictures I know that this time will be fleeting. It won't be long before he heads off to school and I will no longer have a little one trying to escape out the cat door.

His passion for life is so evident. He plays hard and loves hard. I hope that he never loses that passion.

We have been so blessed with the opportunity to share this life with him.


  1. Your son is precious and gorgeous (as are all of your children). I have two little Houdinis that keep the child-proofing folks in business. We have metal gates everywhere, keyed deadbolts on all exterior doors, and they still manage to get into things. We have a fridge lock, stove lock, dishwasher lock, different types on the backyard gates, etc. It's really ridiculous! :0) These two have given me more gray hair than their older two brothers ever even thought about. But their passion and energy will serve them well someday-I just hope we all make it there in one piece!

  2. He is amazing. I'm glad we got to share the zoo and Chuck E Cheese with him.

  3. Love the pictures!

    My little guy was like that. It takes years (and years) but eventually you will be begging them to move their bodies to "pick up your clothes off the floor," and "Really?? You are 15 years old, you want me to get you something to drink?? Get off your keister and go get it yourself!" (Eye roll) Those early years were exhausting, though.