Sunday, November 1, 2015


On Friday Larissa and I finished he Halloween costume. It was a no sew project.

We used an old dress that was too small and torn. Pinned it up and hot glued some flowers to cover the safety pins.

We cut some patches into ribs and a heart.  Those got ironed on and the heart painted red with red glitter.

We put her tutu from last Halloween under the dress to spiff it up and hide the fact that the dress was too short.

I found a small hat at Michaels and hot glued some flowers and black tulle to it.

Saturday morning she had a practice at her dance studio and then I applied her make up. She had one girl come over and try to put down her paint job while I was putting it on her!  She got a lesson in what the Day of the Dead means and how important it is to some people.

She enjoyed the dance performance. 

I only had two kids dress up for Halloween this year.  It seemed so strange. The reason for that will be another post.

Benjamin really enjoyed Trick or Treating.  We only went to the homes on our street and he made out big time in the candy department.  He put his little bucket up and they filled it.

Anyone else Trick or Treat?  There are a lot of fall festivals around here but we only made it to one of them.


  1. Both kids look awesome! Larissa's makeup is amazing, and Benjamin looks absolutely adorable. My boys went trick or treating, but we just do a loop around one street. It's still a lot of houses, but they never want to go further. They would rather come home and hand the candy out.

  2. The mall in a nearby town gets all the stores to pass out candy on Halloween, our three year old loves to try and get out of our hands so we took him to that one, knowing it was all inside and we would not have to worry. I don't normally like trunk or treats but our doctor office had one along with a couple of inflateables that he had a blast on.

  3. Her coustume is amazing! He is too freaking cute!

  4. I LOVE her costume!! So creative and far my favorite!

  5. Ty took Kaleb and Jasmine to his church's fall festival.
    Only Ty and Jasmine went trick or treating.
    ANd while he was home on restriction, Kaleb went on Ty's computer which was running a program for Ty while he was going and went surfing the net. A BIG no no for so many reasons--not your computer, you were home because you'd just gotten restricted for getting into people's stuff, your not allowed on internet at all.