Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Baby Shower Plans

Kassi told us Sunday that she wants to have her baby shower this Sunday.  Not much warning!  Tasha and I are in quick planning stage. We are both painting some things (can't say what because Kassi reads this blog!).  We have no idea how many people are coming.

We are looking to do finger foods and some games.  Any suggestions for either one? Anyone want to come help clean my house because it is a wreck.  I have several unfinished projects laying around and general clutter everywhere. I don't understand where this stuff comes from!  Seems like I have been decluttering for ages.

My craft stuff is a problem.  I have the use of the back shed but never use it because we got Benjamin. It is not possible for me to get out there during the day.  So it has become a storage shed. I have decided that I am going to move my stuff to the attached garage/playroom. So naturally I am in the middle of a huge shuffle as well.

So if you don't see me much in the next several days then you will know why. I am in baby shower planning.decluttering.homeschooling mode.  I am off, need to find the sandpaper.

Ideas? Send them.


  1. Jessica's baby shower is Sunday and i need to declutter the house. We are doing four games: 1. putting the letters of the baby's name in a ziploc along with beans. They have to pick out the letter beads blindfolded and put them in order. 2. cut a piece of ribbon that will fit perfectly around Jessica's baby bump 3. smear a melted candy bar in a diaper (gross) and they guess what kind by smell--we'll probably do four kinds 4. Baby twister--put balloons (baby) under shirt and play twister--not sure the point--maybe not to pop or lose baby?

  2. We've done the rice and safety pin game. You put a bunch of safety pins in a bowl of rice (they can be any size) and blindfold the person. Then they have to try to find the safety pins. It looks so easy, but it's so hard. You can also find ones online where you have to fill in the end of a nursery rhyme, or match the TV show to the kids, etc. I will be going to a baby shower on Saturday, it seems like it's baby season!

  3. Everyone gets a little clothes pin for their collar. If you say the word baby, you have to give your clothes pin to the person who caught you saying it. The person with the most clothes pins at the end of the party wins. My teenage cousin won at my shower. haha

  4. They also played a game to see who could name baby animal names. You can probably google the list.