Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Benjamin's Bedroom

I have a few things I need to do in his bedroom but for the most part his bedroom is complete.

We repurposed that big piece of furniture from the girls room.  It was painted with zebra striping. The front has been wallpapered with Marvel Comics wallpaper. However, the sides need to be painted black but that is hard to do with Benjamin running around.

The wall sticker will eventually be replaced.  I haven't decided what to do with that wall yet. I am leaning towards pictures of everyone, Benjamin loves to look at all the pictures around the house.

He loves his little toddler bed.

There are two closets in the room so the second; the small one was changed into a reading nook, toy storage area.

The door knob does have a child safety knob on it (duck taped together so he can't take it apart). He has been known to escape out the cat door, can get in the bathtub and start the water, can open the front door and many other things so we cannot allow him to get up and wander the house alone. It would be a huge safety hazard for him.

He loves to lounge in his bean bag chair and yes that carpet is as crazy as it looks.

Sometimes his bed serves as exercise equipment.

He has multiple play areas and his sisters sometimes play with him in his room.

He is a sneaky one, found his sisters emergency flashlight and figured out how to turn it on. Distraction allowed us to get it back.

He really enjoys his space. When he is mad at me he will run up the stairs screaming to his bedroom to calm himself. After a few minutes of screaming he will start playing and then come back downstairs with a good attitude.


  1. That reading loft looks SO fun! Actually the whole room looks fun - the loft, the jungle-gym/bed, the crazy deep carpet! I kinda want his room!

  2. You are so very creative and talented!! Awesome room!