Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Super Long Post as to why Decluttering Takes SO Long at My House

Naturally our decluttering project is conflicting with a small remodel project. We are trying to change the flow of our kitchen a little. I actually wanted to open this wall all the way but electrical, budget and many support posts later we decided to add a doorway instead.

Seems simple but there are so many things to do with it.

Our closet after picture because it is still a work in progress.

First Goodwill stack.

Since the dining room and the kitchen will be a tad more open I decided that I wanted to repaint both rooms.  I chose a color that was between both rooms and then had to decide on an accent color.

Citrus Tickle and Sea Wave it is, bright and not a bit neutral.

Progress with its own mess.

Homeschooling is still happening.

Attacking Larissa and Sarah's closet. Still need to strip some walls!

Still working on that job too.

Lunch with Jason.

Making edible cells.


Rainy day requires tent city.  Wonder how many loads of laundry that will be!

Not using much of Citrus Tickle so decide to paint the half bath with the rest, it has needed painting for a few years.

Emma asked if the paint glowed in the dark. It is seriously bright!  Sunglasses are needed in the bathroom.

There used to be a sitting area here.  Now the flooring needs to be repaired.

$25 buffet from Goodwill.  So cheap because someone had a dog who enjoyed chewing on wood.

I plan on using it as a new island.  Not sure how just yet.  I really need to cut the damaged part off of the legs and do something with it.  Can't decide if I should paint it or leave the dark wood color. It is the only piece of dark wood in the kitchen.

John fell asleep watching cartoons with Larissa and went to wrk the next day with red nails.

Lunch date with Larissa, birthday gift shopping for Emma.

Clearance bikes for John and I.  Kids want to ride bikes around the neighborhood.

Charis need recovered so I head to Hobby Lobby only to see this!  Christmas, ahhh, so not ready!

An evolution of chairs.

Never again will I use this fabric, does not clean up at all even when soaking the chair.

Laminated fabric.  Never used it before so I will be curious to see how it wears.  Our house is definitely a place to test this! It is quite bright and colorful.

Some progress on the floor.  Someone (not us) used extra long staples to attach the flooring.  Quite a pain to remove.  I need to level the floor but can't find the sandpaper.

At least the kids know how to occupy themselves (and totally clutter the house).

Perhaps decluttering is taking so long because of life.  Perhaps I am a tad ADHD.  Or perhaps because I really dislike it and let myself get sidetracked by other things, like lets totally repaint the house!


  1. I am glad to see I am not the only one with those chair problems!!! I love what you recovered them in. I ended up recovering mine in dark brown vynle. So much better than all the water marks and stains!!!

  2. We put clear vinyl on all the chairs! Works wonders!