Saturday, September 5, 2015


We were working on compound sentences and Larissa had great success and understanding.  Emma struggled and Larissa enjoyed helping her.  One of the benefits of homeschooling is the opportunity to go at the speed the child needs and to have many more successes than failures.  Larissa had so many failures in school that she felt that she couldn't do anything.  Even at home she is hesitant to speak out answers.  Slowly that is improving as she is gaining her confidence back.

In remodel news, the flooring got cleared and cleaned.

Teddy bears got fed.

The flooring got laid.  It is commercial vinyl tiles that have to be glued down.  They are supposed to look like cork and have a 20 year life span.  We assume we will get 10 years out of them.  Some folks have said that the pattern reminds them of underlayment, either way, it hides dirt real well!

We got the chairs in from Overstock and they were more yellow than I htought.  Guess we will add yellow to our color scheme.

The chairs swivel and the kids love them.

Vaida the grandbaby got to come and spend the night.  She will be one at the end of this month and is growing so fast. Love, love having a grandbaby to spoil.

Of all the little kids Larissa is her favorite.  Larissa is great with babies.

John helped take the chair cushions off so I could cover them.  He had a helper.

Three yards of fabric covered all 8 chairs.  I bought all that they had the local Hobby Lobby and didn't have enough to cover the back to the bench.  Heading to another Hobby Lobby this weekend to hopefully get more fabric.

Now I am working on the trim work and more painting. Oh, and still declutteirng. Working on the third Goodwill trip.  Anyone else in a declutteirng mode.  Is this a preadoption thing?

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  1. I am decluttering the "family" room. Limited on what I can do with it. If the ping pong table is set up, it takes up all the room! Moved out two bookcases to clear a wall for a futon couch. Going to make a baby play corner but the ping pong table will have to be folded up for it to be used.

    Jasmine will be changing schools very soon. Some schools do not accept that some kids have limits.