Wednesday, September 23, 2015

You've Been Served

We are on the homestretch. We are pretty excited, Benjamin has been served. Now we wait for a GAL visit and a court date.

We are also exhausted.  Benjamin has given up taking naps.  He literally goes all day long.  These pictures were taken at 7 pm.  I have never had a little one give naps up at such a young age.

He is a happy camper but I feel like I need a nap! I think I am going to bed early tonight (maybe, I am painting my kitchen) I used to get stuff done during nap time.  Now I am cleaning up after Benjamin and trying to keep him safe from himself.  He is now opening the freezer and helping himself to food in there.  I caught him eating a frozen toaster strudel this morning.  He must have liked it that way, he ate most of it.  He also opens the dishwasher and stands on the door to get his favorite cups out.

Any suggestions for Christmas gifts for him? He loves his workbench and is often found playing with it.  I need stuff that will challenge him and engage him.  Most of the baby/toddler toys bore him. He is a very loving baby, one of his other favorite toys is a monkey and bottle.  He often feeds him a bottle and kisses on him.

Hmm, I have a video of him at Target kissing on the stuffed animals.  Since I am posting pictures anyways I might see if I can upload it.


  1. Yay! So glad to see his adorable face finally! He sure does sound like a handful

  2. That exhausting stage! So thankful you get to adopt him

  3. Does he have a doll stroller. I always laugh when I see my nieces push a doll stroller, while holding a purse, and a cellphone at the ear. How's his fine motor skills, if duplo bore him I would look into lego junior, clicks, or megna tiles. Also fisher price little people they have a great farm set