Friday, September 18, 2015


Larissa turned 10 yesterday.  Although we didn't get her straight from the hospital, we did receive her as a baby.  She celebrated her first birthday with us. She has such a good relationship with all of her siblings.  We celebrated her birthday the same as all the other summer birthdays; dinner of their choice, 4 gifts and a cake.  It has been a year of simple celebrations.

I think that one difference is that when the word went out about her dinner meal, more adult children made it. Yes, it was a free meal for them, but more than that, they all have a great relationship with her. Our family has grown a lot since that first birthday.

A struggle with having kids with such varying ages is working on developing positive relationships among all the kids regardless of age differences. Sometimes it is a challenge, especially when there are difficult behaviors.  Still we try, we plan family vacations and get together as often as possible. Often our gatherings include food, that typically will bring an adult child home! Once home they are free to develop their own relationships.  I can't force it, I can only foster it. 

Anyone else with huge age gaps between kids?  How do you develop the relationships?


  1. My two oldest are 21 and 22. Our littles are 1 (both S&D) and Emily is 5. It's harder for our kids to make real brother and sister relationship with the babies since they are more than old enough to be the parents if these kids. But D and my oldest daughter have a bond forming.

  2. Same issues here. They are more likely to come for Jasmine because we've had her since 21 days old and she has never been mean or any of that.