Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Today I heard water coming from the bathroom and I went to investigate.

This little one had climbed up onto the countertop. and was very busy. I don't know how he got up there.  He was very proud of himself.

He was brushing his teeth.  I felt that perhaps he felt his feet needed cleaning too.

He sure keeps me on my toes.  There is no resting while he is up.  Of all my children he is by far the most active.  Child safety devices don't slow him down.  We do have the covers for the door knobs but so far he has only taken one apart.  I worry that he will get out of the house without anyone realizing it.  I am super vigilant and am always asking where he is.  You see, he thinks that he is about 10 years old.  He tries very hard to keep up with the other kids.

Among the things he does...
He walks up and down steps without using a hand rail
Turns on and off light switches
Can open bottle caps
Opens doors
Knows where every stash of candy is in the house
Opens the fridge and freezer
Broke all the safety latches on the cabinets
Climbs up to the top of the slide and slides down
Opens just about any type of packaging
Knows how to use the computer mouse
Takes clothing off
Can sometimes put shorts on and shoes
I have lost track of his words
Helps with chores, sweeps, puts trash bag in the trash can, gets grandma a drink, vacuums
Blows kisses and "feeds" his animals, us and Vaida
Starting to show signs that he is about ready to potty train
Pushes boxes and chairs around to get into stuff
Gets into stuff....all day long
Side benefit of all that is he sleeps all night, about 12 hours.

Anyone else with an active toddler?  Anyone else tired out there?!


  1. Whew! I am tired just reading your post!! That is one busy boy! Good thing he's cute, huh?

  2. Sounds like Rylie is following in his footsteps. She's very busy too, though she isn't quite as advanced yet. I'm confident she'll be keeping up, though. I think this kind of busyness and inventiveness show signs of real intelligence, though! You've got a smart little guy on your hands. That kind of curiosity will be fun when he gets a little older and starts learning about all sorts of stuff!!!

  3. Wow... This is where having special needs toddlers has been a blessing. Although they are starting to becomeobile, I'm glad they aren't just yet. Bless you! You need it. But he's so freaking cute.