Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How old are you?

Over the weekend we went to a birthday party at the skating rink. At one point they had races based on ages.  They announced a race for kids ages 7 and under. Emma raced up there to enter the race.

After the end of the race I asked her why she went up, she isn't 7 and under.  She looked surprised and then said, oh yea I'm 8.  No, I said, you are 9.  Total look of surprise on her face.  She knows that she is 9 at a certain level but inside she is 7.

I think that if someone walked up to her and asked her how old she was she would not say 9 unless she had time to think about it. It is as though she lost that time when she was moving from home to home. At this time the loss is about 2 years. I am sure that at one point she will catch up.  However, she lost an important part of her childhood. She lost those fun preschool years. Those important developmental years.  This was why I wanted her to repeat 2nd grade.  She is not emotionally with her peers.  Academically she is behind as well since she really doesn't apply herself.  Her inability to apply herself was a struggle last year and it continues to be a struggle with homeschooling. At least with homeschooling she is able to have more one on one time and can't get lost in the crowd.

So, bit by bit and day by day we work on growing up.  Growing with thestability and support of a family. Who knows, perhaps we will get to age 8 this year.

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