Saturday, September 19, 2015

Christmas Shopping Yet?

Anyone ready for Christmas? I have so many kids to shop for that I have to start early.  Every year I say I am going to cut back and every year I struggle to do that.  I do think that I have cut back some, the sheer number of children that we have dictates that!

The other day I was in Target and saw this cute collection called Lori.  I picked up the camper, car and a few dolls.  I would have gotten the house but it was damaged and they only had one. As soon as I saw it I knew that it would be perfect for Larissa.  She still plays with dolls and such.  She and Emma play together real well.

I got home and looked online at Target and they don't have any of the Lori collection online.  I sneak peeked at Ebay and was shocked at the prices.  That house at Target costs $50, some Ebayers are selling it for almost $300.  It is a shame that I can't find an item because people are buying it to sell.

Today we went to Target to buy a birthday gift and Larissa saw the small display.  They had a dance studio, one car and the broken house left.  She loved it.  Wanted to know if she had enough in her allowance account to buy some of the dolls.  Mentioned that she wanted the house, but not the broken one.  Also, the car and dance studio.  I was happy that they didn't have any campers left, she doesn't know that they make one.  Now I just have to keep her out of Target.  I have Tasha and friends looking for one of the houses.  Hopefully I will find a house by Christmas.  If not, that is fine because I know she will love the camper.

Tonight I peeked at Anthony's computer.  He was looking at some kd shoes.  I asked him if he liked that pair and he said yes.  Well, that is a good thing because I had purchased him that exact pair.  I was worried that he might not like them. He is crazy for Nike so I imagine he will have some clothing under the Christmas tree.

Emma has mentioned that she wants the Elsa dress up costume complete with the wig.  They had that on sale a JCPenney's last week so I have that stashed to include the shoes and another costume.  She loves to dress up. Not sure what else she will get.  Those costume and accessories sure are expensive.

Of my younger kids that leaves Michelle and Benjamin.  Benjamin is easy.  So far he has a remote controlled car for toddlers and a bouncy horse.  Michelle is hard.  Once again I have no idea what to get her.  She doesn't play like the other girls do and when she tries it never ends well.  She does seem intent on collecting all the American Girl books so I probably will go look at her collection and add to it.  I did pick her up a bicycle as she needs one. I really don't like not knowing what will make her excited.  With the other kids I know their interests.  I know what will make them excited. I wish that Michelle could be herself and share that with us.

I have also started shopping for our adult kids.  I can't talk about that here since some of them read my blog!  Kassi has asked that Tasha and I help decorate her home and make it feel homey.  We have a lot of work ahead of us in that area.  She needs it but I dislike that you can't wrap that and put it under the tree.

Anyone else start their Christmas shopping?  Christmas is right around the corner and will be here quickly.


  1. Ugh!! I have not even thought about it! And with 7 to buy for, I should get busy. My Mitchell is hard like your Michelle. He is 10 and I cannot pinpoint his interests because he won't be himself! We have just started counseling again, so I am praying that we will finally see him learn to be himself.

  2. Hi I happen to buy and resale toys on amazon and I also happen to have lots of nieces. I looked at the lori dollhouse and am not interested to resale or even to buy as a present. These are my thoughts on it. The lori dolls are the same size as mini american girl dolls and the retired mini our generation dolls. My niece is getting for her 9th birthday a dollhouse for her mini dolls. Right now she just has 2, but by December she'll have at least 5. To get the kids what they really want for gifts my extended family tends to chip in together to help purchase it. I'm not at all impressed with the dollhouse it's on a very small scale and I don't think it's possible to have more than one child play with it. One of my hobbies is making doll crafts there are so many good blogs and YouTube channels. So I have already started working on things for the house. If you buy the house and the furniture that you can buy along with it, you end up with 1 bedroom that really can only fit one bed. Though I do love the roof top deck on the house. With this in mind my brother is going to build a house structure with about 6 rooms and a roof top deck. The plans he drew out aren't that complicated. Then the fun begins she'll get the house by Thanksgiving (her birthday) and then we'll start painting and decorating using scrapbook paper as wallpaper and other stuff. She's very excited to be doing this project with her aunt, she's seen crafts that I've done with my older nieces and she can't wait to do a mature project. I'll probably make most of the little accessories which I enjoy doing.
    I'm not a fan of the lori dolls either, but I love all the accessories. The lori dolls have these really unattractive neck seam. For a little bit more money you can get mini american girl dolls and mini our generation dolls. You can find new mini American girl dolls on amazon for under $20. My niece just bought the mini american girl doll of the year , grace for $18. I did buy all the furniture sets for her and a few outfits. As a business move I have bought tons of the furniture sets and clothes, these are the things that generally sell out first. The dollhouse just came out on the market and I'm sure targets will get a bunch more in the coming months. You can basically always find the our generation camper, big item, but cannot usually find the really cute accessories as easily. These items also have the biggest return rate. So I would definitely buy the furniture sets as soon as you see them. I know there are other dollhouse they sale for the mini dolls just not sure who makes them.
    I wish I new how to sew, I know many people who buy an outfit or 2 and can then make patterns. My other sister is planning on buying her the car which she'll do soon because I expect that to sell out also. We already made one project these doll sized paintings from my froggy stuff YouTube channel. If I'm not mistaken the last time you homeschooling larissa didn't you guys do woodworking for math. Why not build the house together and then let her decorate it.
    Sorry it's such a long comment, my hobbies are dolls and doll crafts and my day job is resale, so once I get started on one of those topics I tend to ho overboard, also can be due to my brain injury I have a hard time condensing things. Let me know if you want any more information on doll craft blogs and YouTube channels.

    1. Well, I did find the house today and got it for 10% off. I am big on building doll houses and we are currently working on a second dresser as a bedroom for some of her American Girl dolls. I imagine that a winter project will to be to build a doll condo for her smaller dolls. She has a few of the mini AG dolls and a few of the our generation mini dolls. I love the little camper that I picked up and am glad that she didn't see one, I know she would be nagging me for it. What types of accessories do you make?

  3. This year is going to be different because the twins are getting money toward expensive summer plans. To keep it equal I will be giving Ty and Jasmine money toward their hobbies. We are doing a family trip but I pay for that. Buy Kayla wants to go to TMI for $2,200 and Kaleb to two weeks at Camp of the Pines for $500. Jasmine wants scuba stuff but so that she doesn't have stuff under the tree and the others don't, I'll give her money and then take her to the dive shop and Ty can get stuff for his comic con costumes. They will get clothes and they'll get gifts from siblings. Not sure whether my mom, sister and bro will kick in on the money or get gifts. The ones who don't live in the home will get gifts Christmas eve. That's when the siblings exchange gifts so should work out okay. One less to buy for since Adam broke up with Deja. We included her last year. She was also one of the four of us with birthdays withing two weeks of Christmas so we all went out together to celebrate.

  4. Is it the reading aspect of the American girls books or the getting the whole collection that Michelle likes? If it is the reading, have you tried Tamora Pierce? She writes fantasy books, and she has a background in working with troubled teenage girls so she writes into that space well. Her Winding Circle Temple series is a bit younger than her other stuff and features a found family of four diverse children with assorted magical talents. Each book focuses on a different child and how they deal with their trauma and with the others. The series is set in a world with multiple gods, some of whom meddle in human affairs.

    1. A little of both, she enjoys reading and wants the AG collection. I will have to look at the series you suggested, she enjoys reading. Thank you for the suggestion.