Thursday, July 2, 2015


Games are such a hard thing in our house. We have kids who cheat at every opportunity.  It is so bad that some had been banned for a while because they would literally hurt their siblings to win.  It didn't matter what type of game or competition, it became a battle.  I thought that I had found a game that all could play in Perfection.  There is a timer and the rules are very simple.  I played as well and I was the reigning champion for a while.

Yesterday suddenly Anthony and Michelle were playing it so fast that I thought it was amazing. Then I sat down and watched them.  They laid out the pieces in the order in which they go into the game. Uh, I explained that it was cheating.  They claimed that it was their strategy. No, I claimed cheating. They were taking the challenge out of the game.  To me, that is taking the fun out of it.  To them it was all about the win, at any cost.

Anyone else struggle with kids who have to win and will cheat to do so?  Do you have any games that they are able to play?  Any strategies that work?


  1. My son got a game for Christmas from a friend, and it's called a cooperative game. Everyone plays for the same goal (ours is to beat the Ogre). You have to work together and hope that the Ogre doesn't get to the treasure before the players do. It's made by Peaceful Kingdom, and they make other games as well. I don't know if it would work for you, but it might be worth a shot.

    1. Thanks, I will check them out!

    2. Wow, cooperative games, just what my kids need, bought two from Amazon. This will be a new concept for some of my kids, haha. Shall be interesting.

  2. Yes, cooperative games are good. The Richard Scarry Find It game is a good one. We change the rules in that we all work together to find the clues, and we win only if we all make it to Picnic Island. It takes the "me" out of the game and makes it "us."

    The games by "HABA" (German manufacturer) are often competitive. The mark of "Spiel Gut" means it's award-winning.

    Puzzles are a team effort, too. I often make giving out a piece as a reward for good behavior.