Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day 4

I can tell we are getting older.  There was a time when we were travelling when we got up at the crack of dawn to get our day started.  Now we get up when the baby gets up.  Thankfully it has been around 8 am.  Thankfully many hotels have black out curtains.

We took off for Canada around 9 am and had no problem getting into the country.  Most of us had passports but the baby had a birth certificate, foster parent contract and letter from DSS giving us permission taking him into Canada.  They looked at the birth certificate and didn't ask for the rest of the paperwork.

We walked the sidewalk along Niagara Falls.


Our original plans were to go to Toronto and do a few things.  We thought about going up the CN Tower but after looking at the price (almost $200 for our family) we decided to just head across Canada and into Michigan.  However, we made plans to stop off at London, Ontario at a small children's museum.

It was located in an old school.  It was affordable and almost empty.  The facilities were very old but the kids loved it. After a few hours we had to drag all of them away so we could get back on the road.

They made fossils and watched a star show.  They had activities all say and posted everywhere.

Yes, he is kissing the dino.

We got back on the road and stopped for dinner before leaving Canada.  Getting back into the United States was quick and easy too.  Guess we don't look suspicious.  Our van was never checked except to count kids.

After we got into the US we drove past Detroit and started looking for a hotel.  Many were filled so I finally stopped and looked at Roadtrippers to find an availability. We finally found a place to say somewhere past Ann Arbor and stopped for the night.

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