Sunday, July 12, 2015

Day 10

It is hard to believe that we have only been away for 10 days!  Feels like it has been weeks.  We are all ready to get home and into our own beds, guess we aren't the nomad type of people.  We do love to travel to new places but we also love our own beds.

We got up this morning and headed over tot eh Navy Pier.  The weather was beautiful and the view from the pier was great.  We had planned on going up the Willis Tower but decided that we had enough of crowds so we headed out to our hotel in the burbs.

We met up with John's son and kids and went to one of those trampoline places.  The kids had a great time and got plenty of exercise.  I bounced into the pit only once and worked up a sweat getting out so I stuck with the trampolines after that.

Benjamin loved it too, we practically had the place to ourselves.

John Jr, grandkids and Sarah.  Both granddaughters are taller than Sarah.

There are a lot of things to do in Chicago but our main reason for the visit was to see family.  We could have spent more time in this area but we have no interest in visiting Chicago during the week, even for tourist stuff. Tomorrow we go to southern Illinois to see one last aunt then we start our trek home.

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  1. We loved Chicago but stuck with the citipass stuff.