Thursday, July 2, 2015

Field Trip

Today we did a little pampering before our trip. The girls and I went and got pedicures. This was actually my very first time getting one and it was way overdue.  They about had to sandblast my feet. I might just do it again.

Then I got the car cleaned.  I know, it is futile.  At least we start the trip with a clean car, it won't last long. It is a little after midnight here and I am not finished preparing.  It is amazing how much stuff you need for a baby and many others.  I feel as though we are moving out of state.

We put the minion on the car and will take off bright and early....maybe.  I wonder if my minion will make it far.  Folks are taking my flowers, I wouldn't be surprised if someone takes off with him.

I can't convince the kids that this is a vacation, they keep telling me that it is a field trip. Wish us luck on our field trip, I hope that we don't come home too early!


  1. Safe travels on that field trip! Praying for you and yours!

  2. We are packing up to leave in the morning. We are headed straight to Elkhart. See you the 9th? Keep in touch. We'll have to check the weather and the hours.