Friday, July 10, 2015

Day 6

Our plans for the day evolved; we ended with morning at Shipshewana, afternoon zoo with Kathy Cassel and dinner with John's family.

Shipshewana is an interesting place with lots to see and do, especially shopping.  The kids each got a toy, candy and I bought a quilted table runner. We were in a hurry so decided to leave a history tour for another day.

This tricycle was so cute, too expensive for my taste though, $699.

Reconditioned washers.

We met Kathy Cassel at the Potawatomi Zoo.

This was Benjamin's first trip to the zoo.

The train ride was a must after he tried to chase it down.

Goat slime, yuck!  I agree.

The following pictures were stolen from Kathy.....

The kids got along real well and had a great time. The kids paired themselves up so they are going to be penpal buddies. Plans were made for a meet up on Friday.

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  1. It was a fun time. And there were no meltdowns or anything.