Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Call from Adoptions

Today I received a call from adoptions.  They said that they needed a little more information to finish their paperwork.  Basically it was questions about Little Man and his development.  Then she told me that they were finishing up their paperwork and as soon as the received the legally free letter from my county they would call us to come in so they can read us the file.

First, this is funny because most of the information in the file has been given by me.  I even have his birth certificate which I had to scan and sent to her this morning.

Second, it means we have officially been selected as his adoptive family.

I asked her if she knew when the judge had signed the order and she said on the 24th.  That means that the 30 day waiting period will end this Friday, on our anniversary.  As far as we know, biomom has not filed an appeal and she only has a few more days to do so.

Typically the local county has about a two week delay in sending out the legally free letter to adoptions.  So if biomom doesn't file an appeal we should hear from them mid-August.

Then we will go into the office in Columbia and they will read us Little Man's file.  After they read us the file we then sign the official intent to adopt paperwork. We will then contact our lawyer to get the ball rolling on completing the adoption. If there is no appeal and everyone does their job Little Man will be adopted before the end of the year.  We are hoping for October.


  1. Such wonderful news!!! A bright spot for me in an otherwise awful day.

  2. Many prayers going up that everything runs just as it should.

  3. Praying!!! It is now after business hours on the 24th, so I am hoping no appeal. Happy Anniversary!!!

  4. Wow! That's so cool. It sounds like your area really know what they're doing and has a system down. We're adopting from foster care and its dragging on forever!