Friday, July 10, 2015

Day 7

We wanted the kids to go through the Amish-Mennonite story. This is not a story of how they live but more of about their history.  They went through a lot of persecution back in Europe before they came to the United States.
There were several videos and interactive areas.  They also had the kids answer some questions.

It was very informative and they did have a little house set up in the end.

We met with family for lunch and dinner and then in the evening relaxed with some s'mores.

Tomorrow is a down day with John going to visit some family that don't live in a place that is good for kids and the kids and I will meet with Kathy again at Chuck E Cheese.

We need to get some laundry done and pack up for our move to Chicago. We will spend the weekend there before we head towards home.

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