Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Storm Pax

The kids got out of school early yesterday and had no school today. Classes have been cancelled for tomorrow as well. I wonder if they will go on Friday.

Here in the south we really aren't prepared for snow.  Basically we stock up and hunker down.  The problem with this storm is there is ice mixed with the snow.

The kids have been enjoying the weather.  They typically go out for short periods of time and come in to thaw out.

Yes, Anthony is without gloves.  I didn't realize this until I went out to take his picture with his miniature showman.

Our gazebo is a casualty of this storm.  The roof colapsed in early this morning.

Our cats do not like the snow at all.  They made it as far as the trampoline and then used the protection as their bathroom location.  I told the kids to stay out from under there.  I didn't think it was an issue since they don't typically play there.  However, since I said to stay away Michelle had to do just that.  Sometimes I just don't understand my kids!

I am ready for spring. 

We are critically low on bread so I guess the kids will have soup for lunch tomorrow.  Actually we are running low on a lot of food items.  Tonight we were able to make a cake so all is well at this moment.  Tomorrow I will have to venture out for groceries.  Good thing our toilet supply is good!

Next week it is supposed to be in the mid -60s. 

How is the weather in your neck of the woods?


  1. We had severe storms move through last night. It's the same cold front that is giving you the just doesn't get cold enough here. It was violent weather, though. It hit during Awana and there was a tornado warning for the part of town our church is in. We had to get all the kids in the sanctuary and ride it out. I don't know if there was actually a tornado that touched down, but the gust of wind that hit the building was enough to scare us all.

  2. We had Icepocalypse here in Georgia. But we are thawing out today.