Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pictures of Happenings at our House

If you have noticed that I don't post as many pictures lately it is because I don't. It isn't that I don't want to post pictures it is that for some reason internet explorer won't let me. If I want to post pictures I have to head over to Firefox to do so.  Since I don't typically hang out there a lot of posts don't get pictures put in them.

However, since I like to see pictures, I assume many others do as well.  So what follows is pictures from the last week.

Larissa in my college sweatshirt.  Sigh, I can't even begin to attempt to put that shirt on today.

Our play area.  I purchased a used swing set from someone I met online a while back.  The price included delivery and set-up!  Actually I couldn't afford it just yet so I messaged her and told her that if it was still available mid-month to let me know.  The next day she had a vet emergency and offered to deliver it for half down now and the other half at mid-month.  I went for it.  Now we are eating ramen but we finally have enough swings.

The kids are happy.  This area still needs a lot of work.  I need to get something down on the ground to slow down the amount of sand that comes into the house.

I haven't figured out a spot for the trampoline yet.  If you notice the ladder to the trampoline sits on the sidewalk.  When it was in the middle of the yard the kids were running around in the sand in their socks.  It works for now.  All the areas big enough for the trampoline are across the yard which means across the pool.  I am not comfortable with that.  Right now all the play stuff is right off the door to the left.

We had a beautiful sunny weekend.  Larissa just didn't understand why I wouldn't let her swim, she had a quiet little sulk over it.  Life is so hard when that bright blue water beckons you.

I told my poor husband that I wanted a faucet on the other side of the pool.  He is still setting up his well and spent a lot of his weekend digging the lines to my faucet.

I pulled my unfinished faerie house out of storage.  The front door needs a door knob, it really opens.  I am stumped, any suggestion on what to use?

Emma at bed time tonight.  Notice the wall that she tears up when she is raging and the poor mattress cover that is shredded.  Good thing I do all my own painting.

There you have it, most of our week in pictures. 

Soon...... a post about Tasha, she has given me permission.


  1. So, I have to know what you made that fairy house out of! My 5 year old has a fairy garden and we have made her a swing, but I want to make her a house for when spring finally gets here to the frozen ATL!

    1. It isn't for outdoor use. The top is paper mache and the bottom is a form for cement from Lowe's cut down. I am looking to design one for outdoors when I have the spare time.