Friday, February 14, 2014

Tasha and Ethan

Perhaps you have noticed a young man in a lot of my family vacation pictures.  Let me introduce him, his name is Ethan and he has been in a relationship with Tasha for three years now.

Disney trip.

Not too long ago I took a trip to Charleston to take Tasha my ring, I am now wearing my grandmothers ring.  Funny, they look a lot alike.

 Today Ethan proposed.  We are so excited to have Ethan join our family.  We all love him and he is not scared off by our family.

So now there is a wedding to plan.  They hope to marry in early summer because.....they are expecting a baby in September.  We are all excited about the new baby.  We fully expect to spoil the baby.  A lot of changes will be happening for Ethan and Tasha in 2014 and I believe it will be a great year for them.  (Love you both!)