Thursday, February 13, 2014

Right in Front of Me

We have been weathering the snow storm in the south. Snow, ice and snow on top of it. It has been quite a storm for our area.

This morning I walked around our property to see if there was any more damage.  I took my camera to take pictures.  Sometimes those storms that bring so much damage can also bring beauty.

On the side of my yard I ran into these berries. Literally, they were right in front of me.  I didn't realize that this tree even had berries. They are normally above my eye level and I just never took the time to look up at them before.

I really don't think that they are normally as bright red as the snow and ice have made them.

They were beautiful, colorful and put in a place where I couldn't help but see them.

Right now we are weathering a different type of storm in our home.  It is not a weather storm but a fight for our children's futures.  For their emotional health.  For their hearts.

Sometimes I wonder what I overlook when going through the storm.  Sometimes I wonder if the answer is right there in front of me and I just don't see it.  Do I get too caught up in the storm that I miss something?


  1. Oh Felicia! I completely understand! I feel like all I do is react in the storm trying to find some solid ground before the next wave hits. I struggle to be able to get ahead enough to do the preventative things that I think will help Or at least not hurt to try. It is a daily battle, a constant struggle and I don't know if you feel this way, but I am very battle weary. And my heart is sad and grieving because the storm seems never ending. I keep looking for the eye of the storm to be able to stop long enough to gain some perspective and try to find those answers. Praying for you!

    1. Battle weary is a very good expression!