Saturday, February 8, 2014


Larissa has come a long way since she started homeschooling. 

She is off of anxiety medications and her selective mutism has not come back.  If you were to meet her you would find her to be very quiet but she would answer your questions.

She is off of her ADHD medications.  The medications made her feel sad and since she is able to complete her work without it I find no need to give it to her.

She is on a seizure medication which is also a mood disorder medication.  Her seizures have decreased but are not totally gone.  They are still working with the dosage so hopefully we are getting closer to no seizures.  We are enjoying the decreased seizures.

She is much happier, much more level emotionally.  I feel that the seizure medication is helping her in more than one way, she has not had a major crying period for quite a while.

She does struggle with math.  Her neurologist says that she will have short term memory problems because of her seizures and diminished stamina as well.  When the school tested her last year they noted the short term memory problem but didn't think it was an issue.  The neurologist says that she should have had an IEP in place for other health impairment and was happy that I was homeschooling.

Larissa is coming along homeschooling.  Some days it is a struggle with the other two kids at home and we adjust and do school in the evening.  She comes up with things that she would like to study.  Her latest interests were how do we see and Rosa Parks.  She wants me to pick someone for her to do a research project on, any suggestions?

The other day we went to pick up Anthony and the nurse came out to hug Larissa.  She told Larissa that she misses her.  Larissa left saying that she wants to go back to school next year.  If she wants to go just to see the old nurse then I don't think that is a reason to return.  It is something that we will have to look at over the summer.

I can't forget how bad it was last year; falling asleep during recess and lunch, accidents at school, wandering the halls, tantrums, crying spells, inability to complete homework, increasing anxiety and ADHD medications several times trying to find a way to help her cope.  It was bad.  If we are able to get her seizures under control then we will sit down and discuss returning to school.

We have accomplished what we wanted by homeschooling this year.  I am very happy with the progress she has made.  However, I also requested that she be evaluated when Anthony is just in case she wants to return to school.  I need to have everything in order to fight for her..