Monday, February 3, 2014


Our campaign to decrease lies has been successful.  I am not saying that the lies have totally gone.  However, when given an opportunity to stop and think about her answer Michelle will often decide to simply tell the truth.  She has learned that the consequence for lies is worse than the consequence for whatever she is doing.  Frequently the consequence for poor behavior is a correction or separation from the problem.  So although she still lies, often, she has learned that when mom says "are you sure?", that mom means "I know you are lying so you might as well fess up".  Yep, I call that improvement.

However, sharing a room with Larissa didn't go so well.  They are playing well together for longer periods of time.  They can now go upstairs and play for quite a while without fighting.  This is a huge improvement.  Huge.

But......Sleeping together is just not happening.  For some reason Michelle enjoys sending Larissa into seizures in her sleep.  I can understand annoying your sister.  That is a sibling thing.  However, when you see that your sister is seizing then you would think that you would stop.  Michelle didn't.  Larissa is now sleeping with Sarah.  I don't think that this will be her final bedroom, she moves around quite a bit. 

At this time I will simply choose to appreciate the areas where there has been improvement.  Perhaps one day she will be ready to respect Larissa enough to realize that sending her into seizures isn't fun and games.


  1. Gracious. That isn't good at all. Very scary and dangerous. But yay for playing together and fighting less!