Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Our Weekend

I am slow in posting about our weekend here. The weather has been so beautiful so I have been doing some outside work. Nothing exciting to take pictures of so I have pictures of our weekend instead.

Saturday we made it to the skating rink again.  This time Michelle was able to skate.

Emma didn't skate.  She had to go with me because up until that morning I thought that she would so I promised my husband a break in the morning.  The morning of Emma had to test the waters and it didn't go well for her.

I have determined that many of my kids just don't trust my word.  This isn't just about postive things but negative as well.  I can promise them something positive or something negative and it doesn't matter, they don't believe either one.  You would think that after years of being as consistant as possible that they would start to realize that I mean what I say.  Do you think that perhaps they will never believe me.  Some days it feels that way.

Sunday we took off and went to Charleston.  I had someone to come in for my mom and off we went to spend the day with Tasha.  Ethan had to work.

We started out at the Angel Oak Tree which is 4-500 years old.  It was pretty big and the kids just couldn't seem to grasp the idea of a tree being older than me!

We went to a beach where the water was very cold.  We told the kids to stay dry since we hadn't brought extra clothing with us and I wasn't buying any.  Emma and Larissa did well with that.  The other two suffered through wet clothing a lot of the day.  Natural consequence.

We did lots of digging for crabs and such.

After the beach we went to the restaurant where Ethan works and had a nice meal before heading to downtown Charleston for shopping and site seeing.

Later we picked up Ethan and went to dinner.  After dinner we headed home. 

It was a very quick trip but it was nice spending time with Tasha and Ethan..  Enjoy your kids, all too soon they are off on their own!

If we don't receive any foster children soon we may do another day trip somewhere else in March.


  1. If you don't receive any foster kids...didn't you say you were taking a break? Or am I going crazy? Day trips are fun but we don't do many during the school year. Need to figure out something for spring break.

    1. Hahaha, we have taken a break. Funny, a DSS worker returned one of my calls about my moms fingerprints the other day and Sarah was hoping for a placement. She says that it is boring right now. I don't think that we can get any placements because of my moms fingerprinting issue.