Friday, January 3, 2014

Room in a Closet......Again

Larissa sleeps in a spare bed in our bedroom. On December 31st I assumed she was asleep when I whispered to John that I wondered when she would be ready to move to her own bedroom. From the little bed across the room came the answer, "Never, I am going to always sleep in here!"

Larissa is like a yo-yo.  She is downstairs, upstairs and downstairs.  I think that the time she has been happiest outside of our bedroom has been last year when she decided to move into the closet outside of our bedroom.

She enjoyed her little room but decided to move upstairs when the girls moved to the master bedroom and then the new foster kid came.  However, she slowly started coming back to our bedroom.  We put the twin bed back into our bedroom at some point and she has stayed.

Her closet last year.

When she left the closet I converted it back to our coat, shoe and whatever closet. (Yes, a mess, I know).  My husband talked to Larissa and asked her if she wanted to move back to the closet.  She said yes.....and she wanted the bed high with a theme of Monster High.

This time I decided to completely change the room and we plan on keeping it whenever she decides to move out again.  Spare bedroom!?

Her dollhouse fit just right. The closet is not quite wide enough for a mattress so there are three mattress pads on the bed area.  It is quite comfortable.

Sarah helped her put up Monster High vinyl decorations. Quick, easy and removable.

Larissa is delighted.

Her Monster High doll stuff is under the bed and her clothing is in the cabinets.

Last night she slept in her new bedroom.

Anyone else have a bedroom in a converted closet?


  1. Yes, we do, for our oldest of five. We converted a walk-in closet that looks a bit like yours, only our house is nearly 200 years old, adding a loft bed/desk/dresser. She is 17 and was desiring to decorate differently than her 8 and 12 year old sisters. Her 12 year old sister is hoping to take over that room once her sister is at college, and that is saying something, since the 12 year old's room is 16X18 ft. We do share some shelving that is in that closet/room, since we don't have any other place to put games, but it all works out great. You are very creative with all the things you build!

  2. Cute! You may find that a toddler mattress fits (we got one for our son from Ikea- it is bigger than a crib mattress, but not quite a twin.

  3. Your projects and how quickly you complete them never cease to amaze me! Such great ideas that turn out so beautifully!

    1. I complete projects so quickly because I procrastinate terribly and am always working on a quick timeline.

  4. We have three kiddos in one closet! That was the only way DSHS would allow an additional Foster child in that room. When the girls move out we will convert the middle bed to a desk and brother can sleep in the top one... You have to become creative!

    1. I love your blog and your bed in a closet.

  5. I have learned a long time ago that the only constant at our house is movement. Larissa is delighted to be back in that little room. As soon as the foster kids move out in a couple of weeks (we will see), we will migrate the kids around again.