Thursday, January 23, 2014


I have been busy.  I have had to reorganize my entire kitchen.  On Monday I searched Emma's room and realized that in spite of constant supervision she was able to sneak two bananas, one bag of chips and candy from Sarah's bedroom!  She is good.

All fruit is now in the pantry.  No snacks are sitting outside of the pantry.  Even bread (which she loves) is now in the pantry.  Our pantry is small and stuffed.  I also went out and bought an alarm to put on the pantry door.

I also bought a lunch box and thermos. Emma now takes lunch every day to school.  All her meals are provided by me, her mom.

Emma is slowly getting used to the idea of eating what I provide.  The first day I told her that she would sit and eat her dinner until it was gone she had a huge fit.  I guess she has learned that I mean business because she has gotten better about eating.  Not being able to do her late night raids has forced her to eat at meal times. 

I called and talked to Emma's teacher.  I wanted her to be aware of what was happening at home.  I have noticed that she is picking at her lips and fingernails.  Her teacher said that she noticed that she was more jittery and quieter in class.  She also said that the first day Emma brought her lunch box she ate everything.  I was surprised by that.  She said that Emma rarely ate her lunch provided by the school so she was surprised to see her eat.  I didn't mention the snack issue, that she eats snacks and skips meals.

Emma was very happy with her Princess lunch box and seems very happy to take lunch.  I am glad that she is actually eating what I prepare. 

She has gotten so used to sneaking food and is very good at it so I am going to have to continue our vigilance in the kitchen.  I feel that this is an issue that I will have to monitor for a long time.  I expect that her need for control may change to something else.  Oh, how I pray for healing.

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