Saturday, January 25, 2014

Really!? 2

The battle continues.  Yesterday John and I went to Bible study.  Sarah was watching the kids.  She put them to bed and forgot to set the alarm.  Emma took that opportunity to sneak up to Sarah's bedroom and take some of her candy and perfume.  We can't find the perfume.  Next time we leave Emma will be in her room alarmed. 

We also have a problem with Emma being in the FROG.  She has found the storage areas to the side and is getting into everything.  We spent hours stripping the room but removing storage is too big of a job.  We were discussing where to put her when Larissa said that she wants to share with Michelle and Emma can have her closet.  Hmmmm.......

Good and bad.  Good in that we have been working hard on building the relationship between Michelle and Larissa.  They have actually started playing together.  When they do this I make a point of praising them for it.  We have also talked about how they feel when they are playing well versus when they are fighting.  I have seen an increase in good play but not sure if it is enough to put them together because.......

Michelle is still dealing with her jealousy and anger.  Her new thing is to bite.  She is 8 and has started to bite.  Today when she got frustrated she didn't bite, she decided to kick.  Larissa doesn't do well with aggression.

I do need to move Emma so I am letting them try it for now.  I will closely monitor it and if changes need to be made I will do it.  I do hope that they are able to work it out and room together.  I am hoping that without Emma in the picture they will do well.

In the meantime, something needs to be done with Sarah's bedroom.  She has a lock and needs to start locking her room.  She also needs to put her stash somewhere else.

So frustrating right now.  When I look at my posts that all seem so depressing.  Right now for some reason we seem to be in a major battle.  Hopefully better things are ahead.

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  1. There are times when it is hard to find something positive to post about with certain children. :) My thing is that we are through the Disney thing, but neither twin seems to feel any remorse about how they sabotaged part of the trip.