Friday, January 17, 2014


Sometimes you get tired of fighting the battles.  Sometimes you let little things slide.  Sometimes you don't notice when little things change. Let me tell you, in our house that is a very bad thing to do!

We are still dealing with the eating/snack thing here.  I provide a snack for school because if I don't the teacher will.  I don't feel that it is the teachers place to provide for my kids so I do even though I am against the snack thing.  Emma is still trying to go from snack to snack so I don't allow her to have snacks after school.  The other day I was running late in meal preparation so I let her have a banana.  Bad idea, she decided that she would skip dinner.

I had noticed that the amount she was eating for dinner was getting smaller and smaller.  Then I realized that the snack container was about empty.....too empty. 

A quick check of Emma's bed shows what she has been up to in the middle of the night.....foraging.  She had a lot of wrappers stuffed in her bed.  In my day we got rid of the evidence, my kids don't seem to know to do that.  I guess that is a good thing but......really!? 

You don't raid the pantry for days and leave it all in your bed and not expect that there will not be a consequence.  Emma spoke the truth about nightly raids and figured that since she told the truth there shouldn't be a consequence.  I am glad that she told the truth but unfortunately there is a consequence for the sneaking.

I guess I could take partial responsibility, I haven't been using the door alarms.  But, that is easily correctable.  For a few days Emma is in the play room/garage while I work on making the FROG back into a bedroom.  It got filled with craft/sewing supplies when Jason moved back home.  The door from the FROG to the rest of the upstairs will be blocked.  The door coming out of the FROG to the downstairs will be alarmed.  Problem will be solved.....after I spend hours reorganizing two spaces.

Really?!  It is necessary to revisit old behaviors?  Emma apparently thinks so.

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  1. Crazy. It's the pee pee thing here. jessica aired out the girl's room while they were gone to rid it of pee smell. I go back there tonight and it reeked. Kayla denied peeing on anything. I got fed up with it and took all her drawers out and emptied them on the floor. A nasty orange that had turned black was in a drawer in a bag along with some other stolen, but forgotten perisable foods. And all sorts of other hidden, non edible stuff. All her stuff is in trash bags for now.