Thursday, January 9, 2014

Spoke Too Soon!

Yes, this is foster care, I spoke too soon.  Yesterday the kids social worker was supposed to come in the morning for a visit.  She didn't show up so I called her in the afternoon to see when she planned on coming.  Ooops, she forgot but would come today.  I then asked if we were still a go for Monday.  The long pause told me no.  She said that a lawyer couldn't make it and the date was changed to the 27th.

I asked if the kids mom knew, no.  I asked about the procedure that the 5 year old C is supposed to have on the 27th.  It is a simple procedure, he is tongue tied.  Normally it is taken care of in the office when they are babies.  However, since he is 5 they are doing it as an outpatient procedure.  He will be put to sleep so that means an IV and all.  I am not sure about the pain level afterwards but I am sure there will be some, my tongue is pretty sensitive.  They want me to do the procedure and then have him go home that afternoon after court.

Uh, no. I said that this is the kid that I am worried about transitioning and doing a procedure and then sending him home in the pain the same day is a bad idea in my book.  Then they said that they could send him home later in the week.  Uh, that is not fair.  They said that the procedure needs to be done.  I agree and I think that mom is fully capable of getting it done in February.  After all, she is his mom and seems fully capable of doing this herself.  She was going to have to do it if they had gone home on Monday.  C is 5, I don't think that a few extra weeks to get this done will do any harm.  She said that we will discuss it today when she comes.

We will discuss it and I am going to tell her that I am changing the date.  I refuse to do it on the date that they go home.  If they have a problem then they can fire me.  I have had C in my home long enough to know that it would not go well for him.  He is a type of kid who is very fearful, the hospital experience will be hard for him.  Transitioning home will be hard for him.  You can't combine the two.


  1. Good call. Glad you are advocating for his best interest!!

  2. AS had his tongue-tie fixed at 5yo and there was a little pain after (not too much - managed with basic OTC pain meds). But totally agree that it's a bad time to be transitioning, simply because his routine will be out of whack from the procedure.