Saturday, January 11, 2014


I spoke with DSS for quite a while about   C having the procedure and transitioning on the same day.  C is terrified of the doctor.  The last time I took him he had tantrums the entire time we were there.  I can't imagine how he would be with getting an IV.  It is not going to be a simple procedure for him.  We are concerned about his transitioning home so adding the procedure would be too much for him.  The social worker finally agreed so we are moving the date to February after he has been home a few weeks.  We have been requesting testing for him the entire time he has been in our care and it hasn't happened.  Some suspect autism but I suspect more of a sensory issue. DSS is still working on getting him tested and will require it in the orders when they go home. 

Anthony has had a medication change.  He is now on an anxiety medication.  We will see if it helps.

Larissa got blood work done on Thursday and her levels still aren't high enough so her medication has been increased.  Her seizures have decreased however, they are still there.

Even I had a medication change.  After my fingernails turned yellow and I got some blood work done it has been determined that my thyroid medication is too high.  One benefit is I lost 5 lbs last month.  After admitting that I haven't taken the cholesterol medication for a year that was checked as well and I don't have to take it!  So there was a spot of good news.  I really hope to get in the pool this summer and get some exercise and lose some weight.

Our house has been going through some 24 hour virus thing.  Everyone so far has had it except for John and Sarah.  I was out yesterday and the house is a mess.  There really isn't time for mom to get sick.

After the kids go to bed I will write about what I am up to and how I am trying to motivate Anthony.

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