Friday, January 24, 2014

Sometimes Parenting Sucks

Have you ever had one of those parenting moments where you knew that you had to make a hard decision and really didn't like it?  You know that you really don't have a choice and it sure sucks.

Last weekend I decided to take the kids roller skating.  I hadn't taken all of them skating before and was trying to get out of a rut.  You can skate from 10:30 to 12:30 for $4/person including skates and a playground they have on site.  Emma was on restriction so I loaded up the other 3 older kids and Sarah.  We got around the corner and had a problem.

Michelle had left her backpack in the car.  She pulled out an item that I had taken away from her, it belongs to John and is not hers.  I had taken it from her before and told her to leave it alone.  Apparently she had taken it and had hid it in her backpack.  Why would she pull it out at the moment?  I really don't know but I literally pulled over and stopped.  I REALLY wanted to take her skating but I knew at that moment that I couldn't.

Ack, I really do not like those parenting moments.  My kids have such behaviors that if I had ignored it and let it go it would be a behavior that would escalate.  I get tired of always having to be "on" with my parenting.  I pulled out my phone and called John, he immediately said to just bring her home.  I knew that I had to and I did, but it was hard.  Her consequence for taking the item was the loss of skating.  It hurt both of us!

I have scheduled February 1st as out next skating date.  I hope that better choices are made so that all the kids can go.

I can tell that this is an area where we have been neglectful.  The kids have in-line skates but they really struggled to stay up at the rink.

I went and paid $4 and put on some skates myself just so I could show Anthony and Larissa how to skate.....and to hold hands.

Luckily I didn't fall and break anything!

We had a great time, hopefully next Saturday you can see pictures of all the kids sporting skates.


  1. ugh! I'm glad that John was on the same page at least. The boundary testing gets exhausting. I'm no expert but sometimes I feel like they keep pushing just to see if I'm consistent and to see if I will still love them. I'm constantly saying "I love you but your behavior is not appropriate and the consequence is..." It gets old. It does look like Anthony and Larissa had a great time! Look at those big smiles.

  2. We have had those moments. We have been loaded in the car and then found out about something. Or like when I was at my sister's. Her husband doesn't believe in going to movies so she doesn't go. We grew up not going so makes no difference to her. But she was going to go to Frozen with us. I told the kids not to talk about it, just say we were going out. I was loading them to go and found out Kaleb had been blabbing about it loudly hoping for Uncle Jerry to hear and ask about it. Thankfully Jerry doesn't hear well and it went right by him. And Kaleb got take a nap at Grandma's house while the rest of us went to the movie.