Friday, November 30, 2012

I couldn't take it anymore!

The was bothering me terribly.

I couldn't get this one spot out.  One day I decided to take care of it......

The spot is now gone.  This carpet is in our current dining room (used to be the family room).  There is a lot of traffic flow through this room.  To get anywhere in the house you have to go through this room and over the carpet.

John left for New Jersey and I decided to tackle the carpet with a little help....

Yes, what a mess!

This is the flooring for a bedroom upstairs...another project that needs to get done.

Rocko took advantage of the mess and snagged a bag of animal cookies.

We got a new dog.....Taco.  He is a litter mate of Rocko.

He loves laps.

My mess....what can I say?!  Anyone want to come over and help with a project?


  1. Oh I love Taco! How big is he going to get?

    1. I don't think he will get much bigger. He sure is a momma's boy!