Thursday, November 8, 2012

I'm Back

Seems like it has been forever since I wrote a post.  Time is flying by and lots of changes are happening.

I have been overwhelmed by my responsibilities.  I am terrible with online classes.  I procrastinate terribly and then have massive amounts of work due in a short period of time.  I tell myself I will not doesn't work.

This week I had assignments due in both of my classes and then my comps exam to take.  I need to pass those to student teach next semester.  I should know in a week how I did.  Now I need to get back to work on my two classes but am procrastinating once again.

I have home health coming to our home again for my mom. I now have a nurse coming once a week, an aide coming twice a week and physical therapy coming twice a week.  We are trying to get my mom a little stronger so that she can help with standing and pivoting.  I am starting to have back problems from lifting her without her helping.  Hopefully they can get her standing again.  There isn't really a physical reason why she shouldn't be able to, she just doesn't have much motivation.  She says she wants to but she isn't willing to do the work.

Soccer has ended this week so that is finished.  I had no idea that there would be games twice a week. It was crazy having 4 kids in soccer and I am glad that is over.  I am not sure who will be playing soccer next year.

With some of my obligations out of the way I hope to get some of my sanity back!

So....what have you been up to?

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