Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mama, you are too nice!

Last week Joselin spent a few days at our house.  She is having issues with her roommate and asked us to pick her up.  Tasha was able to go and get her and her stuff.  She was able to find a new roommate and has moved in.  She will be taking her dog next week since she will be sharing a duplex with a yard.

While she was here she came up to me and said, "Mama, you are too nice."  I looked at her and she responded with, "and I took advantage of that."

I am too nice.  Really, I am very patient and very quick to forgive. I give fair and when possible natural consequences for behaviors. Sometimes I get hurt because of that.  But, that is who I am.  I refuse to get too bitter about those who take advantage of me because I am "nice."

That fact that Joselin can acknowledge that she took advantage of my "niceness" shows how much she has grown.  She is so much happier and is rebuilding relationships with her siblings.  Funny, I can see the forgiveness in some of my children as well.

So what was my response to Joselin.....I know I am and that is who I am.  I knew that she took advantage of that but wasn't going to allow her actions to change who I am.

Where would our relationship be today if I wasn't so "nice"?  I don't think that we would be where we are if I wasn't.


  1. The world needs more nice people!

  2. Maybe someday I will hear that from my wayward dd. I do work to keep communication open. Thanks for sharing it made me smile and gave me hope.