Friday, November 16, 2012


We now have TPR for the girls.  Legal dad who has never taken any role as the father did not show up for court so we now have to do the same process we did for our teen.

The lawyer will have to write it up and send it to the judge for signature. 

A certified letter will be sent to legal dad.

Either he will sign it and the green card will come back or he won't sign it and after sitting around waiting for him it will be returned.  After the green card is back then the 30 day waiting period will start.

To make it easier on the adoption worker, our teens worker will send her our updated paperwork.  However, our teen will then be added so she needs a medical (which we already did) and a CPS check (we have the paperwork for that).

I estimate April for adoption......

any other guesses out there?


  1. GOOD NEWS! I am so glad for the girls. My estimate is February, because your family needs a good break for once!

  2. such good news!! crossing my fingers for a smooth process!!