Tuesday, November 27, 2012


---Today Kassi got served.  We went up to the lawyers office and a lady from a neighboring business came over and handed Kassi her Summons and Complaint for the adoption.  They are still shooting for December 17th, pray that it works out.  We are so used to paper problems that we always expect delays.  Interesting, the lady that served Kassi also served Anthony and Larissa a few years back.  I wonder if she will serve the next two as well.

---In school news....I am way behind but did pass my comps.  I am registered to student teach next semester.  I am assigned a small school in the next town over.  i am very happy with that placement.  I thought that I might have to drive to the big city to student teach.  I am somewhat nervous about it, being away all day.  I hope that my family survives.

---John is in New Jersey working with the mud-out team.  Some of the homes that they were supposed to help clean have been condemned.  I am not sure if they will find other work or head home early.  The destruction from Sandy is not in the news so much anymore but they are still feeling the impact up there.  Please pray for those affected by the hurricane.

---Just a short update.......I am busy, busy with many projects.  Hopefully soon I will be able to post pictures of something getting finished!

Have a great day!

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  1. We never had papers served for our adoptions. Jasmine's was through foster care but we just all had a meeting and signed paperwork.