Saturday, November 24, 2012

Our Weekend

I put my mom to work on Thanksgiving day. She wanted southern dressing and John makes northern dressing...

so we had two dressings.


Joselin wanted to learn how to make sweet potato casserole so she made that dish.  She really likes the marshmallows on top!  Joselin was supposed to work on Friday but she called and said she wouldn't be in, she was enjoying spending time with family.  That is such a blessing.

Tasha required two plates.

Then the girls headed out for shopping.  Target had a very long line but they were really efficient and the lines went fast. 

Jason didn't get to come home for Thanksgiving.  He is working 7 days a week, 10 hour days with only Thanksgiving off.  He was planning on simply resting.  Kids grow up and aren't always around for the holidays, I need to get used to this.
We had a very blessed day spending time together.  I hope that everyone else who celebrates Thanksgiving had a great day as well.

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  1. I sent Tyler and Jessica to Walmart and Target for me. They are young and durable :)