Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Process

You would think that once you have TPR the adoption process would move quickly. 

TPR was on July 30th.  They say that there is a 30 day waiting period to allow for appeals.  After that 30 days you can move forward with doesn't quite go that way.

TPR order was filed on September 13th
Certified letter was sent to biodad and was returned so the actual 30 day clock started on October 6th
November 7th no appeal was filed so our teen finally had TPR.

Last week our adoption worker called and said that she had gotten the paperwork in so we could meet and sign the adoption agreement.....soon.  Now she can't find Sarah's FBI check. I know that she was fingerprinted last year when she turned 18.All the paperwork has to be correct before we can sign.  The plan is for us to meet next week to sign.  We have made an appointment to meet with our lawyer on the 27th....which I just realized I have to change.  John is going to New Jersey on the 26th to do mud-out with the church.

So, when we got TPR in July we thought, and were told by our adoption worker, that we would be able to complete this adoption this year.  It doesn't appear that it will happen.

On the girls....nothing new.  We are still waiting

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