Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Renaissance Festival 2012

We headed up to North Carolina for the Renaissance Festival.
We have learned, to save money we go ahead and paint faces, do costumes and make headgear.

Emma rubbed off most of her paint while Michelle and Larissa tried very hard to keep their on.

Watching for the second car.  If you go to the renaissance Festival in NC next year do not take exit 25 off of 77, exit 23 is much faster.

All the kids enjoyed flying.

And shooting paintball guns.  Somehow fairies and guns didn't seem like the right combination.

Everyone enjoyed the performers and shows.

Five kids decided to ride the camel.

Sharing some ice cream.

Junior fairies got some training from the senior fairie.

Naturally we had soup in bread bowls.

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  1. Looks fun. Good job on the face paint! You need to share some of that talent.