Monday, November 19, 2012

Going Crazy Around Here

I am back to the point of craziness around here.  I have so many appointments, obligations and issues going on right now.

I am attempting to keep my mom out of a nursing home.  She is not helping with standing right now and my back is starting to hurt picking her up.  I need to to assist with transitions.  So we have services coming to the home again.  Twice a week we have OT, twice a week an aide comes, once a week a nurse comes and twice a week we pay for a private aide.  All of these, except for our aide, show up "whenever"!  They may call when they are on their way...or they may not.  So I really have no idea who will show up when.  It drives me crazy but it is all I can do to try and get her stronger.  Unfortunately I feel that it will not help.  She is not very motivated.  The other day the OT told her that she needed to work at it or I wouldn't be able to take care of her anymore.  She cried about it and does not want to go back to a nursing home.

I don't have enough appointments for the kids so now I am going to the doctor myself.  My thyroid is out of whack again.  When the thyroid isn't working too well then weight gain is going to follow.  So now I get to go in every 6 weeks for blood work until my thyroid levels are within the normal range....they are really out of whack.  My blood pressure was 108/75 today.  Everyone in my family has high blood pressure...on both sides of the family.  I am the only one who does not.  I keep expecting it to be high.  I asked my doctor how one person can skip that medical issue.  She said I was lucky....and that out of all her patients I have the most reason to have high blood pressure.  Ha, thanks doc.

Nit picking....know what that is?  Ugh, I spent some time this weekend doing that.  Apparently they no longer notify classmates when there is an issue.  They don't send the kids home anymore either.  We sure have been battling the bugs this year!

Adoption front.....tomorrow we are going to sign.  We had to shuffle doctor appointments to do so.  We will sigh and then head to our lawyer to get the paper started.  Of course there is a glitch.  They have lost Sarah's fingerprint results.  We have to reschedule that quickly and have the results before we can complete the adoption.  It always seems to be something.

Today I also missed a call from the speech pathologist who was testing Anthony.  She says that he doesn't have a problem with expressive or receptive language.  However, he seems to have an auditory problem.  I think that it is time to take him and Larissa somewhere and have them privately tested.  Larissa is really struggling and is only keeping up too. With as much time that we spend working with the kids to keep them caught up I wonder why we don't just homeschool.  Ugh.

My school....well I am barely keeping up.  If something is due at midnight I get it done by 11:30.  I have so much going on that it is hard to get motivated there.  I really worry about student teaching next semester.  If I am concerned about student teaching then how am I going to do with an actual job?!  I am not sure when I will have time to work.

There it is in a nutshell.......busy craziness.


  1. Hang in there. It's just going to get crazier before it gets better.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Felicia and Family!! There's so much on your plate....prayers for endurance and wisdom in handling it all. You are such an amazing lady... I pray you get a moment to breathe today. Blessings, Jennifer

    P.S. We got all the auditory testing at the hospital and it was covered by insurance...we didn't have to go the expensive private route. Is that an option for you?? Please feel free to email if you have any questions on may/may not have read we are smack in the middle of the auditory processing evaluation process for eldest.