Thursday, May 18, 2017


Two weeks ago I decided to call a local therapist who has been working in our area for 30 years. I told her that I had two daughters that I was concerned about but that maybe it was me who needed to see someone!

I talked about Larissa and the bullying and that she is having a hard time dealing with it. She knew someone right off the bat that she felt she should see. I scheduled her an appointment and we met with her therapist today. I was surprised, the therapist asked her what she needed help with and Larissa said how to deal with the bullying. Well, she also asked for help in math, I am going to work with that this summer. I think it is a good fit, she has several appointments scheduled and Larissa seemed willing to talk with her. She also enjoyed the lunch we went to afterwards.

The original therapist I called said that I should come in and talk more about Michelle. We sat and talked for 90 minutes about Michelle. As puberty is hitting and Emma is doing well, Michelle is declining. The lies haven't stopped, the need for control is all consuming, jealousy is and always has been terrible. However, now she is having tantrums when she has any type of consequence, hitting others when she doesn't get her way, not willing to accept that she does anything as she always blames others, acting like a chameleon and putting forward a face that she thinks each person wants to see. Generally all of her behaviors have worsened. I had always thought that her behavior issues were related to the moves, the early trauma and neglect. The therapist originally thought we were dealing with RAD but now she doesn't think so. I don't either. She mentioned mood disorder and perhaps she needs to be on some medication for it. I hadn't thought that way but it does make sense. So our objective for right now is to have her evaluated. We are going to take her to our neurobehaviorist, the same one who has evaluated all our other kids and will Emma as well. However, I first need to get to the doctor for a referral and then I know that the wait list is long to see him.

I have been asked why I am taking Larissa to a therapist and not Michelle when it is apparent that Michelle has worse issues. Well, I am following the recommendation of the therapist I saw. Larissa's problems are more easily solved and someone who works with this age group is right in town. Michelle's is more complicated, her lies and changing personality make therapy hard. I will be very curious to see what the testing shows.

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