Saturday, May 13, 2017

Sarah's Mission Trip

Several years ago after graduating high school Sarah had her mind set on attending Columbia International University and going into the mission field. She went on a mission trip with Teen Missions International. That experience and the bullying that was allowed at the time turned her away from what she felt called to do. She chose to attend a local community college instead. After a few semesters she returned to her original calling and started attending CIU. She is now a senior and is required to go on a mission trip to graduate. She has already been accepted into the master program for TEFL and after she finished her education she wants to work with refugees teaching them English.

She is looking for support for her trip. The following is a letter she is sending out to family and friends........Please comment if you will pray for her.

I am writing to tell you about an amazing opportunity I have been given by God to serve in Toronto, Canada. Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world.  I will be serving for approximately 6 weeks. God has put in my heart to serve among children. You may not know this, but God has called me to serve him long-term in the future when I am finished with school. I strongly believe that this trip will be a stepping block to my journey.
            I will be going with the mission organization SIM. They are an international, interdenominational mission agency with more than 4,000 workers serving in more than 70 countries.  Members of SIM serve God among many diverse people groups in every continent. SIM workers represent about 70 nationalities. They, serve in a wide array of career fields. I will be serving at a summer sports and science camp in Toronto from June 11 to July 30th. I will be a mentor to the children and help them to mature into successful leaders. I hope to have a lasting impact with these children. During this trip, I will also have an opportunity to minister to Hindus and Sikhs. I am very excited to be serving God through this experience.
            I am writing this letter to ask if you would be willing to support me through prayer while I am in Toronto this summer. I believe that prayer is absolutely essential and it will help me as I am serving.  Along with your prayer support, I need to raise approximately $4,500 to cover in country travel, health insurance, and living expenses. I would really appreciate any amount you can give towards this trip.  You can make donations online at

All donations are tax deductible. Thank you supporting me!


Please note, the amount has lowered by $900 as we requested they take the plane ticket off. We will be purchasing that separately. She has raised $1300 so far.


  1. Hi that seems a lot of money to have to raise for Sarah. Does Sarah have a job or are jobs hard to get there. Prayers that the money is raised

    1. I agree that seemed high to me. Actually the amount has lowered by $900 since she wrote that letter because we told them to take the plane ticket off and we would pay for it ourselves. We can purchase the ticket for $500. It sure isn't cheap doing mission work. Sarah does not work, she works hard at school. She has a gpa of 3.1 in spite of her learning challenges caused by her nf1 and anxiety.

  2. I'm definitely praying! I have cousins who are missionaries in Canada. (But I think Vancouver?)

  3. How do we have to pay to get it tax deductiblexempt. From reading your blog Sarah beat the odds with her challenges she could have taken the easy way out and just blamed it on that but instead she worked hard and has come so far. She's an inspiration and I hope the other kids see this and it will push them.
    Have you thought about going fund me. I think you mentioned that she didn't like use her disorder. But having her diagnosis in the main description can educate people about it and inspire others who are suffering from it

    1. Sorry, I had the link wrong. If you click on the link it will prompt you. They ask for your address/email to give you what you need to make it a tax write off.

      We really don't want to do a go fund me account, Sarah is doing some fund raising to allow others the opportunity to contribute to her mission. Whatever she is short on we will fund ourselves.

    2. Wow that's even more inspiring. I know what hard work and perceiving challenges are like and I've always been inaha of her. When you posted about the play she was in it was shocked and so happy for her I've read your blog for awhile and it showed how far she's come from the days of bulling I wish her much luck