Tuesday, May 2, 2017


We decided to try the Lamictal. We still haven't gotten to the full dosage so the jury is still out.

The other day Larissa came to me complaining about a rash. I started to panic until she mentioned that it was her armpit. After a shower she was complaining about a rash in the other armpit. I realized that we had tried a new deodorant and obviously she can't tolerate it. We haven't found any deodorants that don't cause her to have a rash.

I do know that at this point she is still having seizures nightly. Actually they seem worse to me. Every time I go up to check on her just opening the door puts her into a seizure. I wish she had some type of monitor, I wonder how many seizures she is having every night. We have an appointment next week to get a referral to a neurologist in Charleston. I am not looking forward to that drive but I have heard good reports from them.

Yesterday the school called around 11 and wanted us to pick her up because she seemed off. Today she came home and went right to bed. I went up to wake her for dance and found her seizing. She is complaining of episodes during the day now.

I don't think that people realize how exhausting it is to have seizures all night and then go to school. She has missed 23 days of school this year and that isn't counting the days that they have me come pick her up early. Let me tell you, a tired Larissa is an emotional Larissa. Crying, mad, easy to set off. Combine that with what all is going on at school and just the fact that she is 11 and she is a mess.

I am tired of trying all these medications. I sure wish we could find what works for her without terrible side effects. Some days I worry for her future. How is she going to be able to work?

Epilepsy sucks


  1. good luck on lamictal. im praying it helps her. my daughter is on 3 meds and still isnt controlled. she has them both day and night and her symptoms are bad during the day. it sucks no one can find a cure for epilepsy

  2. Have a look at MooGoo deodorants! Their products are amazing for sensitive skin. Might work for Larissa.
    All best,
    a longtime lurker