Wednesday, May 17, 2017


We have survived two days of pictures. Tomorrow is the last picture day then Friday Larissa has practice for the final dance. Saturday is dress rehearsal and Sunday is recital day. Then we get to take a much needed break from dance.

Emma has done well in dance this year. She has grown so much.

I haven't had time to cook these last two days but on Monday I did cook Sarah a going away meal and we had a little left over. Tomorrow I will make a casserole so that when John gets home there will be a meal in the oven ready to eat.

I received a text from my social worker today. She said that we are "approved in the Capss and she was doing our sheet for the placement unit". I assume she is talking about whatever program they use because I have never heard of it. Geez, it took so long that we will have to redo SLED's and other annual paperwork in less than 5 months!

Tomorrow, therapist visits and what is going on.

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