Saturday, May 20, 2017

Itty Bitty

Itty Bitty has arrived. I don't have much information yet. I don't have a medicaid card. I don't have any WIC cards. Whenever they get me a medicaid number I will have to make an appointment with WIC. I dislike WIC but the formula is worth the effort. Typically I don't go after the first year because what they give after that is not worth it to me personally.

Itty Bitty is tiny, two months old, under 9 lbs with GERD. Apparently he wasn't fed much so he wouldn't spit up too much. Makes for a skinny itty bitty.

I had forgotten how tiny newborn clothing was and those size zero diapers, my girls put them on their dolls. Hopefully we can fatten him up while DSS looks for a family member.

If I have the gumption tomorrow morning I hope to go to some garage sales. I need a baby bath and some other baby items. That is the danger of quitting foster care and then getting back into it, resupplying.

Well, I am off to bed. Itty bitty is on a 2 hour feeding schedule and I just put him down with a full belly.

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